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The following dogs are available for adoption through GSRSV. Some are at the rescue ranch, some are in foster homes and some are with their owners or caretakers working with GSRSV. For further information about these dogs, please call Brian Foran at 916-655-3125 or e-mail him at (Note: dogs that were recently adopted will be moved to the very bottom of this page and will have an "Adopted" banner above their profiles.) For information about the adoption process and fees, please see How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees.

What is a "Program Dog?"
Some dogs' descriptions state that "GSRSV has evaluated (name) and is placing (him, her) as a Program Dog." This means that the dog is still in the custody  of its guardian, but that GSRSV is placing the dog through its adoption program. The same adoption process and adoption fee apply to these dogs as to those in GSRSV's custody, and the same 2-week money-back period and lifetime take-back policy also apply. 

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly. 


The flag appears above the pictures of dogs that GSRSV is placing for military families who are forced to find new homes for their dogs due to deployments. Please show your support for our service men and women by adopting or fostering their dogs!

This page was last modified December 08, 2017.

Note: The dogs on this page--other than those added within one week--are  listed alphabetically, rather than in chronological order. I list the dogs this way because too many people overlook the dogs that have been listed for awhile, thinking (erroneously) that there must be something wrong with a dog that hasn't been adopted after a few months.  

This page was last modified 12/08/17.

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"Apollo C" is a 7-yo (in Feb 2017) neutered male White Germans Shepherd who is very playful, affectionate and protective. Apollo weighs about 110 lbs, which is about 15-20 lbs overweight. Apollo is very people-oriented and craves attention. He is fine with strangers at home when properly introduced, and is OK with strangers in neutral settings--though can be reactive towards some people when on leash. He is OK with very young children and lives with a 2-yo and an 11-mos old baby, but he's toy-obsessed and will grab toys or balls from the kids hands--the primary reason that he is up for adoption.

Apollo is fine with other dogs when off-leash, and does well with the 8-9 yo male Great Dane he lives with. However, when Apollo sees other dogs while walking on leash, he gets extremely agitated: barking, lunging and snapping. If he's far enough away from other dogs he does not exhibit the reactive behavior at all. He "fence fights" with the neighbor's dog, and again gets worked up into a snapping fit.

On the other hand, Apollo is absolutely fine with other dogs in an off-leash setting such as GSRSV's rescue ranch. GSRSV is presently boarding Apollo (until Jan. 4), and he has shown no aggression whatsoever towards the dogs here. In fact, he's not particularly interested in other dogs--again, Apollo is very people-oriented, which is the motivation behind his reactive on-leash behavior: he is in protection mode.

Apollo has not been around cats, so we will only conisder a home without cats for him.

Apollo is fully housetrained and used to be indoors primarily. Once his owners' first baby was old enough to start handling objects and toys and Apollo began to take them out of his hand, the owners relegated him to outside the house (with access to the garage).

Apollo's owners took him through three multi-session training courses to try to help him overcome his on-leash reactivity. Though it helped, walking Apollo is still a challenge. Consequently, Apollo's owners rarely walk him now, which explains why he's so overweight. Apollo walks OK when he does not see another dog or a person. His owners have used a prong collar when walking him since his early training sessions. He rides fine in a vehicle and enjoys the rides.

Apollo loves to play fetch, and is good about returning the ball or other object to you and dropping it. Apollo also loves anything water, and is an avid swimmer. (Click here for a video of Apollo fetching a stick in the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch.)

Apollo's owners purchased him as a 6-wk old puppy prior to having children. They are very attached to him, but they know it's not fair keeping him outside and rarely walking him. They are seeking a new home for Apollo in which his people are willing to avoid other dogs when walking him (again, he does OK at a distance). Apollo would do great in a rural setting where he can be walked safely off-leash, or a fenced property with acreage in which Apollo can be exercised without concern of encountering other dogs or people. A home without young children will be best due to Apollo's toy-grabbing tendency.

GSRSV has evaluated Apollo and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Apollo through its adoption program while his caregiver continues to care for him.

Apollo is located in Granite Bay. His adoption fee is $160.

Posted 12-27-16

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"Juneau" is an 8-yo (born 5-1-09)neutered male White GSD with a wonderful, easy-going temperament. Juneau is very affectionate and quite people-oriented. Though Juneau is great with people, he is protective of his own territory and will charge and bark at strangers outside of the house if they are not accompanied by his own people.

Juneau is great with young children, having formerly lived with a 5-yo boy and a 2-yo girl. He was even tolerant of the 2-yo swinging sticks at him! He loves to be petted and scratched.

Juneau is great with other dogs and somewhat on the submissive side. He was a regular dog park visitor in both of his last two homes but has never been particularly playful w/ other dogs--he much prefers people.

Juneau is also great with cats. He grew up w/ a cat in his original home and co-existed well with two cats in his previous home.

Juneau is very well-behaved both inside and outside the house. He is fully housetrained and never had an accident inside in either his previous home or at GSRSV's rescue ranch (where he presently resides). Juneau walks well on leash and has good recall off-leash.

Juneau loves to go for rides in a car and is a calm passenger--at least until nearing a familiar destination, then he gets typically excited.

Juneau loves to play with balls and was developing into quite a good retriever in his previous home. He also enjoys splashing around in water. 

Juneau was raised by a family from the time he was 11 wks old. In 2016, increases in their work schedules reduced the time they had to spend with Juneau, so they sought GSRSV's assistance in rehoming him. A family in Portola Valley adopted Juneau in June 2016. Juneau immediately captured their hearts, but they live in an "HOA community" that forbid fences. While Juneau would respect the 3-ft railing around their deck, there was nothing to stop him from running up to and barking at people when he was off the deck unless he was on-leash. Fearing a "situation" and not wanting to confine Juneau to a kennel, his last adopters sadly decided to return him to GSRSV in November 2016. 

Juneau's adoption fee is $160.

Posted 11-28-17

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"Koda" is a very loving, energetic and protective 5-yo neutered male longcoat GSD mix (perhaps mixed w/ Chow or Finnish Lapphund). He always wants to be near you, touching you or just watching you with his loving gaze. Koda is friendly with strangers on neutral ground and when properly introduced, but does not take kindly to workers in the yard or unintroduced guests—he has nipped a few people (usually from behind). Koda is fine with children, but he is protective of both food and toys, so a home with children under 10 is not advised. 

Koda is a "mixed bag" with other dogs. On the one hand, he was a great playmate with a female Pit Bull for a few years and did OK w/ most of the greeting dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch most of the time he was there to be evaluated. (Click here for a video of Koda walking harmoniously w/ some of those dogs.) On the other hand, Koda displayed aggression to a few of the GSRSV greeting dogs and is generally reactive towards other dogs when on leash. It's my strong belief that Koda's aggressive behavior was out of protectiveness of his owner Nicole. I was able to call off Koda each time he tried to stir things up w/ one of my dogs, but I don’t think that Nicole or her husband have established clear authority w/ Koda to be able to do this. 

It's clear that Koda lacks socialization towards other dogs, which in turn is mostly due to his owners' hesitancy to take him to dog parks and similar canine social settings. It's my belief that Koda just needs some firm guidance and redirection w/ other dogs, but it will definitely entail some work.  

Koda chases cats and other small animals, so we will only consider a home without cats for him.   

Koda is fully housetrained and never a problem inside the house. He received three months of formal training in a resident training kennel to try to address his nipping issues, on-leash reactions to other dogs and improve his response to commands; the training was somewhat successful, but there was little follow-up. 

Koda pulls somewhat when on leash, so his owners use a choke collar. Koda would probably do much better on leash with an authoritative handler. He likes to go for car rides and is a good passenger.  

Koda loves to chase after balls, but does not always return them to you. He also loves "stuffies."

Koda's owners adopted him from a family that was fostering him for some people who found him abandoned in a campground in Arnold when he was about 1 yr old. While Koda's owners are attached to him, they didn't think he would do well with their expectant baby due to his food and object possessiveness. Nicole brought Koda to her parents' house in Rancho Murietta about 1½ yrs ago, just before she had her baby. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement, so now Nicole is seeking a new, permanent home for Koda.

GSRSV has evaluated Koda and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Koda through its adoption program while his caregiver continues to care for him.

Koda is located in Rancho Murietta. His adoption fee is $210.

Posted 2-27-17

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"Neko" is a large (and quite overweight at 110 lbs) 6-7 yo spayed female GSD who is sweet with those she knows but very protective on her home turf and when on leash. When at home she will go after strangers if they show even the slightest hesitancy towards her. I saw this first-hand at Neko's home in Gridley. She was fine with me in the backyard initially, but when I approached her and offered my hand I became nervous and withdrew my hand and Neko charged after me.

I believe that Neko's owners do not know how to respond to Neko's protective behavior with the necessary firmness required, which has enabled the behavior to develop into the problem it is now. I believe that with the proper "alpha leadership", Neko can still become a dog who is able to peacefully interact with strangers at home.

Away from the house and when off-leash, Neko is pretty much like a " normal" dog. Neko is good with her owner's grandkids, though she gets a little over-excited when they run and will sometimes jump on them.

Neko is fine with other dogs, as I saw when she visited GSRSV's rescue ranch on July 12. (Click here for video.) She's fairly independent, though, and not really interested in playing with other dogs.

Neko is NOT good with cats, so we will only consider homes without cats for her.

Neko enjoys being in the house and is well mannered inside.

Neko does pull somewhat when walking on leash, but not so hard that it's a problem. However, if Neko sees a cat all leash manners are forgotten and she goes bonkers.

Neko loves to play fetch and apparently likes water, too, as can be seen in the video of her at the GSRSV rescue ranch.

Neko's owners Larry & Debbie purchased her from a breeder in Chico back in 2013. Neko's original owner returned her to the breeder after two years reportedly because she barked all the time. That has not been a problem since Larry & Debbie have had her, even when they leave her outside in a kennel when they have people over.

Larry & Debbie are seeking a new home for Neko because Debbie is terminally ill with cancer and Larry does not envision having enough time to spend with Neko once Debbie is gone.

GSRSV has evaluated Neko and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Neko through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her.

Neko is located in Gridley. Her adoption fee is $160.

Posted 8-1-17

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"Ranger" is a 4-yo neutered male GSD who is loving towards his primary person but is fearful of strangers and typically shows aggression towards most people--at least in the house. Ranger lives with a young woman (Maykah) and her parents, and is only comfortable with Maykah and her father. He is a "project dog" with great potential, but requires an experienced, determined owner.

Ranger is terribly undersocialized, in large part because he showed aggression (certainly fear-based) towards people at a very young age and Maykah responded by limiting his interactions with strangers. This is a classic catch-22 in which the response (limiting interaction) to a behavior has unwittingly amplified the behavior.

Ranger was somewhat nervous at the GSRSV rescue ranch nearly the entire time he was there (about 1.5 hrs), but he did show considerable improvement over the course of his visit. Ranger never did show aggression towards me, and at one point came over to my chair without my coaxing and sniffed my hand. He let me walk him on leash and was fairly calm, but towards the end of our walk he became somewhat frantic and so I handed him back to Maykah.

Ranger is a mixed bag with other dogs. He lives with a submissive 3-yo Airedale Terrier (Hobbs), but it took months for Ranger to accept Hobbs and he is still both food-aggressive and toy-aggressive towards Hobbs.

Ranger was predictably fearful of the dogs he met at GSRSV's rescue ranch, snapping whenever a dog would approach him (though he never did make contact). Each time Ranger snapped at one of my dogs I would scold him, and he would always retreat. In nearly every case, Maykah did nothing to rebuke Ranger. It became immediately apparent to me that Maykah has enabled Ranger's fear-aggressive behavior by not disciplining him properly. In fact, I probably scolded Maykah for not controlling Ranger as  often as I scolded Ranger! I initially had about six dogs out to greet Ranger but that seemed overwhelming to him, so I reduced the number to two and that clearly helped with Ranger's anxiety.  

Ranger is not good with cats.

Ranger loves to go on walks and to play fetch.

I could see the affection behind Ranger's nervousness, and I believe he has tremendous potential to improve. It's possible that Ranger has an anxiety disorder that could be helped with a medication such as Prozac. Though I do attribute much of Ranger's behavioral issues to lack of leadership from his owner, it's clear that Ranger's behaviors are also genetic in nature as he reportedly exhibited aggression towards people at just 10 wks--two weeks after he was brought home.

Ranger's family purchased him from a private party at 8 wks old. They are seeking a new home for him not just because of his fear-aggression, but because Ranger dominates Hobbs (the Airedale) who is Maykah's PTSD Service Dog. 

GSRSV has evaluated Ranger and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Ranger through its adoption program while his owners continue to care for him.

Ranger is located in the Arden Park area of Sacramento.  His adoption fee is $260.

Posted 8-7-17

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"Sally" is a beautiful, approx 55-lb 2-yo spayed female GSD who is playful, energetic and affectionate. Sally loves people and will always be by your side. She is friendly with strangers, though I imagine she'll be protective once she bonds with one person or one family. I have no doubt that Sally will be good with young children given her sweet temperament. She loves to cuddle!

Sally is very good with the other dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch, but I would not pair her with another female dog as she likes to be "top bi_ch."

I don't know how Sally is with cats, but she has a very strong prey drive. Due to this high prey drive, I will only consider a home without cats for Sally.

Sally is housetrained and very well behaved in the house. She was formerly prone to counter-surfing, but has learned to stay off the counters.

I have not had Sally on leash much, but when I have she seemed to be pretty good about not pulling. Sally loves to run, so would likely be a great jogging partner. Sally is a high-energy dog, and I would prefer placing her in a home where she will have the opportunity to either run off-leash in open spaces or go on long runs fairly often.

Sally is crazy about playing fetch, and is a champ. She'll drop the ball right at your feet and wait for you to pick it up without trying to grab it. She will play for hours if you're up to it!

Sally was brought to the Stanislaus County shelter in Modesto as a stray on 5-24-17. GSRSV rescued her on

Sally's adoption fee is $260.

Posted 10-30-17; updated 11-28-17

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"Tessa" is a 9-yr, 9-mos old (born 12-12-07) spayed female GSD who is sweet, family oriented and protective. Tessa is fine meeting strangers on neutral ground, but at home she needs to have a formal introduction--usually involving treats. Tessa was raised with very young children and did fine with them, but now that she's 10 yrs old she would probably be better matched with older kids who are mature enough to respect Tessa's personal space.

Tessa is fine with other dogs, both large and small, and does well at dog parks. (Click here for a short video of Tessa on leash encountering two other dogs at a park.) Tessa has always been an only dog, however, and has never met a dog on her own turf. However, since her new home will not be her own turf at first, I don't foresee any problems with Tessa in a home w/ another dog.

Tessa has never been around cats, so we will only consider homes without cats for her.

Tessa is fully housetrained and remains inside during the day when her present owner is away at work. She sleeps on a dog bed in her owner's bedroom.

Tessa is good on leash and does not get overly excited when she sees other dogs--maybe a slight pull on the leash, but she immediately responds to verbal correction. She never received formal obedience training, but is responsive to multiple commands.

Tessa loves to play catch, to swim, and to go for car rides.

Tessa is reportedly in good health, but her owner Michelle states that she walks slowly, has more or less become a couch potato, and needs a ramp to get in the car. Michelle also states that Tessa weighs approx 110 lbs--which is WAY overweight and likely accounts for Tessa's lack of vitality. I have seen this with many, many German Shepherds--especially the old ones. If Tessa weighed about 80 lbs, she would be a completely different dog. Imagine walking around all day with a 30-lb backpack! Whoever adopts Tessa must be serious about reducing Tessa's weight considerably--and to not give in to those begging eyes! 

Michelle purchased Tessa from a breeder in Illinois when she was a young pup. She is going through a divorce after ten years, and has been unable to find affordable rental housing suitable for her and her two kids that will accept Tessa. Michelle will likely have to be out of her house by early November.

GSRSV has evaluated Tessa and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Tessa through its adoption program while her owner continues to care for her.

Tessa is located in Sparks, NV.  Her adoption fee is $110.

Posted 9-26-17

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OK with Cats!
is a loveable, energetic, 60 lb 5-yo spayed female Terrier/GSD mix with lots of personality. Zoe is friendly with strangers, but is also a good watchdog. (She barks at people who enter the home, but does not approach them aggressively.) Zoe is fine with children, but nervous around toddlers, so no kids under 4 yrs for Zoe.

Zoe is great with other dogs for the most part, but can be somewhat bossy with alpha female dogs, so it's best that Zoe be paired with a male dog. She is presently living with a male Pit Bull mix that she plays with constantly--and plays hard! Zoe is good with small dogs and spent a good amount of time in the same house as a small dog who she let boss her around. Zoe is good at the dog park.

Contrary to Zoe's previous Web profile, she is OK with cats! She was in a foster home with cats for three weeks early 2016 while she was recovering from knee surgery, and her foster caretaker at the time often had Zoe around her cats without a problem. Now, Zoe is back at her regular foster home, where Zoe does fine around the two resident cats when they are inside. Once the cats go outside, it’s a different story: Zoe will corner them and bark at them, though that is the extent of her harassment. Regina, Zoe's foster caretaker, thinks she would do fine with a dog savvy indoor cat. Though Zoe might be somewhat annoying to a cat, she has given us no reason to believe that she'd hurt one.

On the other hand, Zoe does has a very strong prey drive and loves to chase after squirrels, birds, and other outdoor critters. 

Zoe is great in the house and exhibits no separation anxiety when left alone. (She was previously an only dog in an apartment, in which she was left for several hours each day by herself.) She is fine on leash, but does pull hard when she sees a cat or squirrel.

Zoe is a quick learner and obeys numerous commands. She is even trained to relieve herself on command! She has good recall off-leash, unless she's spotted a small critter to chase. 

Zoe loves to play fetch w/ a ball or Frisbee and to play chase in an open field. More than anything, she loves to swim and to snap at the water stream from a hose. (Click here for a video of Zoe swimming in the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch.) 

GSRSV originally rescued Zoe in April 2012 from a woman who could no longer keep her due to a forced move from her home. Zoe was adopted by a young couple in Nov 2013. The couple had to return Zoe in Nov 2015 due to a death in the family and a subsequent move into the house of one of the parents. 

Zoe is presently in a foster home in East Sacramento. Her adoption fee is $175, which includes a microchip.

Posted 12-7-15; updated 7-11-16

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"Mack" is a huge (110 lbs as of 5-8-17), 10-yo (born 4-4-07) neutered male GSD who is friendly, mellow and very well-trained. Both of Mack's parents are AKC registered as well as OFA-certified for hips (which means that the hips of both of Mack's parents were x-rayed and determined to be sound). 

Mack is truly a gentle giant. He is friendly with people of all ages, and was the pal of a now 6-yo girl from the time she was born. He also loves to play with his owner's 17-yo son.

Mack is fine with other dogs, though he is not particularly interested in playing with them; he's much more interested in playing with people. (Click here for a video of Mack interacting w/ several other GSDs at GSRSV's Rescue Ranch.) He is non-reactive towards other dogs when on walks and when in a vehicle. Mack is simply a self-assured, easy-going dog who has nothing to prove.

Mack is NOT good with cats, so we will only consider a home without cats for him. However, Mack IS good with all livestock, including chickens.

Mack is a house dog and routinely stays inside by himself with no problems for up to eight hours.

Mack is exceptionally well-trained. He is great on leash-- he heels w/out command and does not pull when he sees other dogs. He is a great passenger in a car. Mack responds well to both verbal and hand commands. (See Mack obeying his owner's commands at end of the video.)

Mack loves to play fetch and to swim.

Mack's owner Rich raised him from a puppy and trained him well. Rich is very bonded to Mack, but a bitter divorce recently forced him to take Mack into his apartment where he's not allowed to have a large dog. The situation is stressful, and we would welcome a foster home for Mack as well as adoption inquiries.

Rich's spouse kept Mack for the past six months, during which he received little exercise and too much food;  consequently Mack is about 15 lbs overweight. We are seeking a home for Mack where he will not only be provided with lots of attention but lots of exercise to help him get down to a healthy weight. Mack is clearly waddling (see video) due to his excessive weight and likely due to being out of shape; that will improve with time and exercise. His front paws are "pigeon-toed", but Rich tells me that Mack has always been that way.

GSRSV has evaluated Mack and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Mack through its adoption program while his owner continues to care for him. Mack's adoption fee is $110.

Posted 4-25-17; updated 5-8-17