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Sometimes unforeseen circumstances force German Shepherd owners to seek a new home for their dog(s). This page serves to link such individuals with potential new owners--and to help prevent the tragedy of owners surrendering their pets to a shelter.

GSRSV is not involved in the adoption process of dogs listed on this page. Individuals interested in adopting a dog listed below should contact the owner directly at the phone number or e-mail listed. Because GSRSV is has not evaluated the dogs listed here, I cannot take responsibility for their temperament or health.

If you are an owner interested in listing your German Shepherd Dog(s) here, please see How to Place a Dog Through GSRSV

 Last updated  10/22/2017


Kota--Click for larger image

Click for larger image

"Kota" is a 1-yo, approx 65-lb spayed female GSD/Husky who is somewhat shy but loving. Her mother was a purebred Husky and her father was a large, black GSD. Kasha is friendly with everyone once she overcomes her shyness, and and is great with kids.  

Kota is great with other dogs. She is an unknown with cats.

Kota is housetrained and good inside, though she has not outgrown her chewing habits. She obeys basic commands (sit, lie down, shake), but has never received formal obedience training.

Kota is NOT a fence jumper and remains in the backyard when her owner is gone.

Kota is a bit of a challenge on leash due to her exuberance. She gets excited when she sees other dogs, but only because she wants to play with them.

Kota is the sister of "Kasha" (see picture at left, bottom), who was adopted on October 22. 

Kota & Kasha's owner Joann purchased them when they were young pups. She is seeking a new home for them because they require more attention and training than she and her daughter are able to provide them.

Kota's adoption fee is $50-100.

Please contact Joann Ziegler at either (916) 868-1511 or

Kota is located in Citrus Heights.

Posted 10-10-17; updated 10-22-17

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

"Rue" is a pretty 6-7 yo, approx 50-lb spayed female White GSD/Australian Cattle Dog (Queensland Heeler) who is sweet & gentle. Rue is friendly and outgoing with strangers. She's been good with all the children she's met at the park and on walks, and her gentle nature makes her a good match of kids of all ages.

Rue is good w/ other dogs, including small dogs. She currently lives with a male Chihuahua/Rat Terrier who she is best buddies with. She is always friendly with dogs she meets on walks. At GSRSV's rescue ranch, she was initially rather timid of the several "greeter dogs", but was never fearfully aggressive. Eventually, she eased up and went exploring with a bunch of the dogs. (See the video of Rue running besides her owner Lisa elsewhere on this page.)

Rue is NOT good with cats, which is the very reason she is up for adoption. 'Nuff said.

Rue is very much a housedog and has great house manners. She has access to the outside via a dog door and can be left alone (with the Chi/Rat Terrier) for long periods of time without any problem. Lisa keeps Rue and her other dog in the kitchen (with outdoor access via the dog door) when she's gone, separated from the rest of the house w/ a baby gate--which Rue respects.

Rue walks easily on leash and is non-aggressive towards other dogs she encounters--though she does whine and pull in an effort to meet the other dogs. She enjoys going for car rides and is a calm passenger.Rue is healthy and at a good weight for her age.

Rue's present owner Lisa adopted Rue in March 2015 after learning about her on Facebook. Rue had been living with her elderly owner and two other dogs on a 5 acre horse property in Loomis when her owner died of cancer. There were some cats on the property that Rue didn't seem to mind, giving Lisa the impression that Rue might be OK w/ cats.

Lisa is seeking a new home for Rue because it turned out that Rue is not good with cats all and though Lisa doesn't have cats, her partner does. Lisa loves Rue, but can't have a dog that is prey-driven towards cats.

GSRSV evaluated Rue on April 5 for her owner Lisa, but Lisa is placing her on her own. Please contact Lisa directly at either 916-214-2682 or Lisa lives in South Sacramento.

Posted 6-8-17


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